The week commencing 28 October

Next Sunday at St Edward’s there will be the usual Prayer Book communion service at 8.00 am.

At 11.00 am there will be a a service of commemoration of saints and martyrs, at which Fraser will preach about those especially associated with St Edward’s church, and candles will be lit at the memorials to the martyrs of the reformation, and to F D Maurice.

The Women’s network meets at 3.00 pm on Sunday.

At the 5.00 pm Eucharist, David Pickersgill will contribute to series on Christian lifestyle, talking this week about creativity.  We will be joined at the 5.00 Eucharist by Br Christopher Martin SSF (former Chris Boden) who will lead the intercessions.

The student-led Taize service will be on Mondays at 9.00 pm.

On Tuesday at 7.30 pm, there will be an important meeting, organised by Ruth Armstrong, about developing prison volunteering, a significant development in our reconciliation ministry.

On Wednesday there is On The Edge at 8.00 pm at which Grahame Davies will contribute Music and Words on Remembrance and Rebirth.

On Thursday at 12.30 pm, there will be the usual prayers for reconciliation and healing, led on this occasion by Amanda Goodman.

On Friday there will be a Prayer Book Communion service for All Souls Day at 10.30 am, led by Alan Cole. There is a list of names of the departed at the back of the church, to which additional names can be added. They will be read out at this service.

The meditation group at 5.30 pm, led by Fraser. (On Friday 26th, it will be led by Catherine Duce).

Fraser Watts

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