The Week at St Edward’s’ Prayer, Chastity etc

On Saturday (23rd) at 5.00 pm at St Edward’s there will be a Contemplative Eucharist, with much silence, at which Fraser will preside.

Next Sunday will begin with the usual 8.00 am service of Holy Communion, at which Andrew Davison will be the celebrant.

At 11.00 am we will have the second of a series of three Lenten services focusing on the traditional spiritual vows. Fraser will look this week at the vow of chastity. As with last week’s sermon on wealth and poverty, he will explore how sex, despite its blessings, can also be a source of problems, handled by some Christians in terms of the monastic vow of chastity (which proves on examination to be less negative than at first appears) but which can be handled by other Christians in other ways

The women’s network will meet on Sunday at 3.00pm. Further information from Ann Kember.

At the 5.00 pm Eucharist, Fraser will continue his series of sermons taking a psychologist’s view of Lent, looking this week at one of the main paradoxes of the spiritual life, that working hard at the spiritual life often doesn’t yield the results we hope for; it seems to depend on a subtle combination of our own efforts and openness to grace, working together in fruitful alliance.

There will be a Taizé service, as usual, at 9.00 pm on Monday. Contact Patrick McKearney.

On Tuesday at 5.30 pm Fraser will give the second of his talk talks on Psychology and Prayer, looking at deeper levels of prayer. An increasing number of Christians find that talking to God doesn’t work for them. Some switch over into spiritual practice that is entirely silent. In this talk, Fraser will explore a middle path of reflective prayer, carried out with a conscious sense of the presence of God, but not talking to him, as we would to another human person.

On Thursday at 12.30 pm there will be prayers for reconciliation and healing.

On Friday, as usual, there will be Holy Communion at 10.30 am with Alan Cole; and meditation at 5.30 with Fraser.

Fraser Watts

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