The Week at St Edward’s

Next Sunday at St  Edward’s there will be a Prayer Book Communion at 8.00 am, at which Malcolm will be celebrant.

The 11.00 am service will be a Eucharist, at which Fraser will preach, exploring the changed relationship between Christ and Creation that the story of the Ascension represents.

At the 5.00 pm Eucharist, Matt Russell will preach on waiting being the hardest part of hoping.

The student-led Taizé service will continue on Monday at 9.00 pm.

On Wednesday at 8.00 pm there will be On The Edge, at which Malcolm will preach on Where the Nails have Been: The Spirituality of Gillian Welch.

On Thursday at 12.30 pm there will be prayers for reconciliation and healing, led by Matt Russell. On Friday, there will be Holy Communion at 10.30 am with Alan Cole, and meditation at 5.30 pm led by Fraser. On Saturday at 5.00 pm there will be a Contemplative Eucharist, with much silence.

Looking ahead, on Tuesday 21st May at 5.30 pm there will be an extra talk by Fraser on Coventry’s Story of Reconciliation, as part of our preparation for becoming a partner in the Community of the Cross of Nails at the 11.00 am service on June 2nd.

Fraser Watts

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