The week commencing 16 June

Next Sunday at St Edward’s will start as usual with a Prayer Book Communion service at 8.00 am

The 11.00 am service will be a Eucharist. The theme will be the Trinity (transferred from last week, which was actually Trinity Sunday). Malcolm will be the preacher.

At the 3.30 pm the LGBT group will meet, and George Newlands will talk about how Scottish churches have handled LGBT issues

At the 5.00 pm Eucharist we will keep ‘Corpus Christi’, an annual thanksgiving for the Institution of Holy Communion. Fraser will talk about the Eucharist as a general paradigm for living and spirituality.

On Tuesday at 5.30 pm Malcolm will continue his series of talks on Core Themes in St John’s gospel, talking this well about ‘life’.

On Wednesday at 8.00 pm there is On The Edge, at which Ann Kember will talk on ‘Am I My Body?’

On Thursday there will be lunchtime prayers at 12.30 pm. At 9.15 pm there will be Taize service, led by Patrick McKearney. This is aimed mainly at students, but anyone is welcome.

On Friday there will be a Prayer Book Communion service at 10.30 am, and the meditation group will meet at 5.30 pm.

Fraser Watts

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