Star Men

This Friday at 18:30 the Arts Picturehouse will be showing the film ‘Star Men’, which includes two members of our congregation! The film will be followed by a panel discussion.


The film blurb says:

“Debut writer-director Alison E. Rose’s visually striking documentary charts the careers of leading astronomers Roger Griffin, Wal Sargent, Donald Lynden-Bell and Neville Woolf. They left Britain in the 1960s as young PhD students to pursue their passion for astronomy at the California Institute Of Technology.

As the four friends reunite for a road trip across America, they reminisce about their professional lives and reflect on the remarkable advances in technology that opened up whole new worlds thousands of light years beyond our planet. In particular they recount their experiences with immensely powerful instruments such as the 200-inch Hale Telescope.

They also discuss the discovery of quasars, pulsars and other hitherto unknown phenomena, and their candid, often humorous banter ensures the accessibility of their subject matter.”


More information can be found at the Piturehouse website:

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