St Edward’s: Trinity Sunday etc

Next Sunday at St Edward’s will begin, as usual, with a Prayer Book Communion at 8.00 am, at which Andrew Davison will be celebrant.

The 11.00 am service will be for Trinity Sunday, and Malcolm will preach. The service will include a baptism

At the 5.00 pm Eucharist, Fraser will preach the second of three sermons on The Transforming Spirit, focusing this week on transformation of relationships.

The student-led Taizé service will continue on Monday at 9.00 pm.

On Wednesday at 8.00 pm there will be On The Edge at which Fraser will preach on Keeping Imagination Healthy, with music by David Bowie and Nick Cave.

On Thursday at 12.30 pm there will be prayers for reconciliation and healing, led by Ann Kember. On Friday, there will be Holy Communion at 10.30 am with Alan Cole, and meditation at 5.30 pm led by Fraser.

Fraser Watts

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