Services This Week

Greetings Everyone,

This morning we held our first BCP Holy Communion service back in the church. We apologise for those who tried to join in via livestream. Unfortunately, we encountered some technical difficulties, but we hope those are now resolved and all will go smoothly on Sunday.

A reminder that our Sunday Service at 11 am will take place at church with proper social distancing in place if you would like to join us. Our service will also be broadcast live via our YouTube Channel. We will have service sheets available at the church, but you can also access it here (12 July 2020 Service Sheet) for those who are joining via livestream.

As always we are grateful for all of your gifts! Offerings may still be given during this time via Standing Orders or one time bank transfer, via BACS [SORT: 20-17-19 / ACCT #: 30851477 – “St Edwards Church Vestry Fund”]


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