Services for the 22nd Sunday After Trinity

Services for the Week

Friday October 26 – 10.30 am / Holy Communion

Sunday October 28 – 11 am – Service of Word & Sacrament; Sermon # 2 in a series corresponding to the end of WWI, “Peace in Our Time”

Just after the Sunday morning service, St Edwards will host a lecture. All are invited! Feel free to invite others, too.

“A Hunger to Learn” by Prof. A.J. Poelarends

In this talk I will present some ideas that have shaped me as I journeyed through the fields of science and faith. I’ll highlight some lessons learned and some pitfalls I’ve fallen in (or avoided), but, above all, how this journey has brought me closer to God, more in awe with his creation and more in love with his people and with the questions we all face.


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