Services and Events in the week beginning 29/03/2015

Palm Sunday 29/03/2015

8 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Bruce Kinsey
11 am: BCP Holy Communion with palm procession; President & Preacher: Huw Jones
5 pm: Meditative Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Bruce Kinsey on ‘When the Crown Cheers’


Maundy Thursday 02/04/2015

6 pm: BCP Holy Communion with washing of feet; President & Preacher: Huw Jones


Good Friday 03/04/2015

1 pm: A service of poems and readings; Preacher: Huw Jones
2 pm: BCP Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament; President & Preacher: Huw Jones

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