Parish Profile

We are in the process of identifying a new incumbent for St Edward’s. As part of this, we have revised the Parish Profile. The Parish Profile will be used to help guide Trinity Hall during the selection process and will be sent out to all applicants.


The current draft of the Parish Profile is included in the newsletter, which can be found near the West Door of the church and Chapter is now looking for feedback from the congregation.


The Profile needs to reflect the general character of the church, rather than the minute detail of what goes on. Therefore, there may be some aspects of church life that we have to omit in order to paint a good general picture. However, if there are big holes, it is important that we remedy them. Equally, if there is an excessive emphasis on a particular aspect of our communal life, then we need to re-balance the text appropriately.


In order for the appointment process to move along, if you wish to provide feedback on the Parish Profile, please do so by the 15th December, after which the text will be finalised.

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