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Dear All,

As Epiphany draws to a close, we look towards our next season in our Church calendar, Lent. During this time of penitential preparation for Easter, fasting and reflection, we remember especially Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness before he began his public ministry.

At St. Edward’s, as in previous years, we will mark it with a Lenten reading group. This year, we have chosen Rowan Williams’ book Candles in the Dark: Faith, Hope and Love in a time of pandemic. In it Rowan writes:

“As we contemplate the coming months, not knowing when we can breathe again, it’s worth thinking about how already the foundations have been laid for whatever new opportunities God has for us on the far side of this crisis.”

You can purchase the book here –



In the past, the Lenten reading group has met after the Sunday service, but this year we will take advantage of the flexibility offered by Zoom. Rather than meeting as one big group, we plan to increase the group’s accessibility by forming groups of 5-6.

We do of course have several home and Bible study groups already meeting, and we would encourage these members to remain in their existing groups. If this is the case, please would you let me know that you will be covering the Lenten book, and who is in your group.

If you are not already in a home or Bible study group and would like to study our Lenten book, please contact me (mg471@cam.ac.uk), ideally with some indication of when you will be available during the week. In deciding on a convenient day and time to meet, Doodle-polls have proven to be a helpful tool in the past (https://doodle.com/free-poll). Ideally, each group should appoint a chair or facilitator, though of course everyone is encouraged to get involved and share their reflections.

This book is not only very timely and relevant, but also very accessible and full of hope for our current times. It has 26 short reflections, each roughly 2-3 pages. For each week of Lent (apart from the first), we will read four reflections:


Week 1               7 – 21 Feb: 2 reflections (pp.1-6)

Week 2               22 – 28 Feb: 4 reflections (pp.7-18)

Week 3               1 – 7 March: 4 reflections (pp.19-32)

Week 4               8 – 14 March: 4 reflections (pp.33-46)

Week 5               15 – 21 March: 4 reflections (pp.47-61)

Week 6               22 – 28 March: 4 reflections (pp.62-77)

Week 7               29 March – 4 April: 4 reflections (pp.78-93)


We look forward to journeying together through this season, and are excited about the reflective and intellectual opportunities offered by this book.

With all good wishes,


Mark & Matthias

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