St. Edward’s Institute for Christian Thought

The St. Edward’s Institute for Christian Thought (SEI) seeks to promote vibrant academic scholarship that integrates Christian faith and learning with contemporary culture. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the SEI works with graduate students and produces original content across a range of fields to inspire theological and scriptural engagement and the witness of Christian faith both within and outside of the academy. The intersection of intellectual and spiritual discipleship is critical within the university setting and we hope to enable Christian scholars to grow in their ability to produce works that will benefit both the academy and society. The SEI also brings together leading Christian academics to research and address the pressing issues raised by contemporary culture. Their contributions will be disseminated through academic and lay publications along with other media designed for public engagement.

The SEI has five primary goals:

  1. To actively promote the integration of faith and learning among graduate students and to encourage theological study in the light of different academic disciplines. It seeks to better equip graduates and researchers with the skills to integrate their faith into scholarship, writing, teaching and life, and to foster critical Christian thinking around contemporary social and ethical issues.
  1. To offer opportunities to a wider range of students to explore the intersections of faith and scholarship.
  1. To draw in prominent scholars to advance Christian thinking around critical topics to help in the formation of the next generation of scholars.
  1. To foster leading research in interdisciplinary studies that engage with Christian faith, theology, Scripture and contemporary culture.
  1. To collaborate with other faculties and theological colleges to contribute to the broader spiritual life of higher educational institutions and of those entering vocational ministry.

St. Edward’s Institute pursues these aims by:

  • Supporting graduate students through the St Edward’s Scriptorium which is a research community devoted to study, daily rhythms of prayer and theological discussion.
  • Hosting StED Talks that draw on distinguished scholars and other Christian speakers on topics aimed at graduate students. Also hosting conferences and public lectures that reach the wider university community.
  • Developing interdisciplinary Christian research through internal and external scholars connected to the institute. Producing publications from both young and established scholars through the SEI Online Journal.
  • Networking with a range of researchers in the UK and beyond who share a similar vision for forming future scholars and thinkers as well as contributing more broadly to Christian thought in the academy and society.
  • Actively engaging with other institutions/faculties participating in Christian education and theological formation through the development of courses that combine the study of Scripture, theology and cultural engagement.