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St Edward’s is a church with a long and interesting history. Over the coming months we hope to have a series in which we look at some items in our archives and discover some aspects of this history. By way of introduction, we reproduce below an historical map from around 1800 showing St Edward’s parish at that time.

We can see that the map of Cambridge has greatly changed over the last 215 years. However, we observe that many of the institutions are still flourishing within our parish: King’s College and Clare College and Trinity Hall are still within our boundary. It is for this reason that St Edward’s holds the marriage registers for these College chapels, and they have to be borrowed whenever one of them has a happy event. The former Augustinian priory became the Botanic Garden, later the Cavendish laboratory and now various University departments; parts of the original King’s College are now the Old Schools, where such offices as the Vice-Chancellor and the reprographics are to be found – we are grateful to the latter for printing our service sheets and posters.

St Edward's Parish
We should remember all these hives of industry in our prayers for the people who live and work in our parish, and use the individual premises rather than multi-nationals – Indigo coffee house, David’s bookshop, Campkins cameras, the Arts Theatre, the Ark shop, Ben’e’ts coffee shop… so many to explore and support.

                                                                                                                Jillian Wilkinson

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