On 19th July and 26th July at 11am, we will pilot EMBODIED, a new style of service at St Edward’s.

EMBODIED will draw on our church’s traditions of intellectual incisiveness and spiritual reflection, whilst exploring the freedom offered within the Church of England Common Worship.

Through music and soundscapes, classical and contemporary visual arts, drama, discourse and the spoken word, we will revisit, for our age, the paradoxes and personal challenges that inhabit the liminal zone between our finite, personal, and embodied selves, and the infinite, transcendent and spiritual realm into which we reach.


In EMBODIED #1# “The skin I live in” (July 19th) our focus will be on our physicality and how this plays into our cognitive and spiritual lives. How do we shape our bodies, and how do they shape us? Do we own our desires, or do they own us? And would we be human, if it weren’t for the skin we live in?


In EMBODIED #2# ”Foreign Bodies” (July 26th) we ask: as our bodies change over time, are we the same Selves that we were? What are we to make of our altering capacities and natures? Do we always inhabit, despite ourselves, foreign bodies?

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