Recent Sermons:

February 17, 2019: Mark Scarlata – Rooted in the blessings of Christ (Luke 6.17-26)


February 3, 2019: Bishop Rowan Williams – Candlemas (Luke 2.22-40) (apologies for the poor sound quality)


January 27, 2019: Matthias Grebe – God’s Manifesto for a Church of Unity (Luke 4.14-21)


January 20, 2019: Roger Revell – Jesus goes to a wedding (John 2.1-12)


January 6, 2019: Mark Scarlata – [Epiphany] Arise, shine for your light has come (Matthew 2.1-2)


December 9: Mark Scarlata – [Advent 2] Repent and be Baptised (Luke 3.1-6)


December 2: RL Revell – [Advent 1] Christmas Expectations (Matthew 3)


November 25: Mark Scarlata – [Christ the King Sunday] What King Do We Serve? (John 18.28-37)


November 18: Mark Scarlata –  Drawing Near to Christ and to One Another (Heb. 10.11-25)


July 29: Imprecatory Psalms: How to curse the enemy (Ps. 137)


July 15: Matthias Grebe. Psalms of Lament: From Despair to Delight (Ps. 13)


July 8: Mark Scarlata. Psalms of Praise (Ps. 33)


July 1: Mark Scarlata. Introduction to the Psalms


June 10: Roger Revell. The Divine Protocol


June 3: Matthias Grebe. Creating Sabbath. Evensong at Sidney Sussex College


June 3: Mark Scarlata. Finding Sabbath Rest. Exod. 20.8-10


May 27: Mark Scarlata. Trinity Sunday ‘How big is our God?’ Isa. 6.1-9 


May 20: Matthias Grebe. ‘Pentecost 2018’


April 22: Matthias Grebe. ‘The Good Shepherd’


April 15: Mark Scarlata. ‘He Stood Among Them’


April 1: Matthias Grebe. ‘Easter 2018’


March 18: Dr. Ash Cocksworth. ‘Prayer’ Lent Series On Being Christian


March 11: Matthias Grebe. ‘Eucharist’ Lent Series On Being Christian


March 4: Mark Scarlata. ‘Bible’ Lent Series On Being Christian


Feb 25: Mark Scarlata. ‘Baptism’ Lent Series On Being Christian


Feb 11: Matthias Grebe. ‘The Glory of Christ’


Feb 4: Mark Scarlata.  ‘God in our midst’ John 1.1-14


Jan. 28: Mark Scarlata.  ‘Attuned to the Spirit–Candlemas’ Luke 2. 22-38


Jan 14: Matthias Grebe. ‘Come and see’ John 1:43-51


Jan 7:  Mark Scarlata. ‘Why did Jesus need to be baptised?’ Mark 1.4-12


Dec 31: Mark Scarlata.  ‘Mary Pondered…’ Luke 2. 1-11


Reformation Series

Oct. 29: Prof. David Ford, OBE. Reformation Series: Sola Scriptura


Oct 22: Dr. Philip McCosker. Reformation Series: Sola Gratia


Oct 15: Revd Dr. Jonathan Linebaugh. Reformation Series: Sola Fide


Oct 8: Pfarrer Dr. Roger Mielke. Reformation Series: Solus Christus



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