Godly Play Update

Many people have asked how the Little Eds have been getting on since we moved to St Mark’s. The short answer is ‘very well!’

St Mark’s have been extremely welcoming. Many more children are now able to enjoy the richness of Godly Play, as it supports, nourishes and guides them on their spiritual journeys. The beautiful wooden Godly Play stories have found a new home in the ‘Small Hall’, which converts readily into a special Godly Play room each Friday and Sunday. On Friday mornings a new group of parents and pre-schoolers meet for Friday Story Time. On Sunday, Junior Church have been especially benefiting from their new resources.

St Mark’s will be hosting an Introduction to Godly Play day, led by Dr Rebecca Nye, on 6th June to bring Godly Play to a wider audience of parents and helpers. It is open to anyone, including people from St Edward’s: www.godlyplay.uk/courses/