A Special Request from the Vicar-Chaplain…

Dear St. Edward’s family…

We are facing unprecedented times as a country and as a church in light of the pandemic and lockdown. I’m so thankful for all of your enthusiasm and willingness to continue to support one another and to meet together via various technologies. With an uncertain future, chapter has discussed some ways for St. Edward’s to continue to thrive and offer its ministries to the local community and beyond.

We realise that our online presence will be critical for ministry in the future considering that there may be further breakouts or localised lockdowns. We also understand that even if/when lockdowns ease, there will be some who cannot travel via public transport or who will feel safe in public spaces. To this end, we have consulted audio/visual professionals to upgrade the sound system and video capacities in the church.

The current plan is to upgrade the sound system with new column speakers to help fill the space better along with new sets of wireless microphones. There will also be four small dome cameras to capture the pulpit, chancel, altar and Clare chapel. This will require a new sound system that will be wifi compatible and able to livestream to the internet. All of this will give us the capacity to livestream any worship services, StED talks, concerts or other events that take place at the church.

The cost of the system with installation is approximately £11,000. We have had a generous donation towards the StED talks and will use a portion of that (£2,000-3,000) to go towards the system. As we make these upgrades to ensure the future ministry of the church, we would like to ask you if you would be willing to contribute through a one-time offering. Your gift, no matter how large or small, will help us continue to reach Cambridge and those far beyond the church’s walls. Would you please prayerfully consider helping in any way possible to help make the church a continued light for the Gospel.

To make a gift via BACs, please use the following details with ‘audio’ in the reference section: SORT: 20-17-19 / ACCT #: 30851477 If you would like to use a cheque, please post it to the church at St Edward King and Martyr, Peas Hill Cambridge, UK, CB2 3PP. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me or anyone on chapter.

With all blessings…


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