A Letter from the New Churchwardens

“You threw me into deep waters, into the midst of the sea”
(Jonah 2.3)

At St Edward’s we may have felt over the past year and a half that we can really empathise with Jonah, as we’ve moved through difficult times. But there are many who are praying for a revitalisation of our church; “when my life was ebbing away, I called out to the Lord, and my prayer came to your holy temple.” As we move into a new chapter in the life of the church, perhaps if we empathised with Jonah in his distress, and prayed with him in his need, it can be our sure hope that we will return to doing what St Edward’s has done for many years, proclaiming to those far away God’s message, ultimately that of forgiveness and love.

But we, as new churchwardens, would appreciate your prayer too – because in the time between Jonah’s prayer and Jonah’s renewed mission, there is the moment of great turbulence “… and the Lord spoke to the fish, and it disgorged Jonah onto the dry land” – and it is through God’s strength that we as churchwardens aspire to support and serve St Edward’s through that transition.

By way of introduction… respectively we attend a range of services. Jillian is a regular at the 10:30am Friday Communion and Adrian at the 11am Sunday service. Jillian is also at the 11am service when she can be, and Adrian’s seminal encounter with St Edward’s was the 5:00pm Meditative Eucharist. We love the corporate life of St Edward’s, including, for example, the meditation, the more formal services, and the more free-thinking and broad-reaching Odyssey-style services. We aim to maintain a regular and harmonious pattern at St Edward’s, in a cycle of interesting and reflective Church of England worship, as we prepare for a new Vicar-Chaplain in the fullness of time.

We hope that you will join us in this endeavour, and look forward to serving you all.

Adrian & Jillian

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