Services for the week ending 2nd October 2016

St Edward’s will be celebrating on Friday at 10.30, BCP Communion with Mark Scarlata and Alan Cole; on Sunday at 8 am (BCP communion) 11 am (CW eucharist) and 5pm (meditative eucharist) all with Mark Scarlata. Come to join us! We now have good coffee, as well as the fellowship and beautiful music, prayerful services, and stimulating sermons.

television programme Thursday 29th September 2016

BBC4 is to broadcast a film at 9pm on Thursday 29th September which will be of interest to St Edwardians: ‘Star Men’ which follows the story of two of our three eminent astronomers from their work in California in the 1960s to to a recent return trip. Watch Donald Lynden-Bell and Roger Griffin meet their former colleagues, and reminisce about the developments in astronomy that they helped to form.