Parish Profile

We are in the process of identifying a new incumbent for St Edward’s. As part of this, we have revised the Parish Profile. The Parish Profile will be used to help guide Trinity Hall during the selection process and will be sent out to all applicants.


The current draft of the Parish Profile is included in the newsletter, which can be found near the West Door of the church and Chapter is now looking for feedback from the congregation.


The Profile needs to reflect the general character of the church, rather than the minute detail of what goes on. Therefore, there may be some aspects of church life that we have to omit in order to paint a good general picture. However, if there are big holes, it is important that we remedy them. Equally, if there is an excessive emphasis on a particular aspect of our communal life, then we need to re-balance the text appropriately.


In order for the appointment process to move along, if you wish to provide feedback on the Parish Profile, please do so by the 15th December, after which the text will be finalised.

Services this week

Sunday 29/11/15

8 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Br Malcolm
11 am: Arts Mattins; Speaker: Jillian Wilkinson Nicholas Ferrar and Little Gidding
5 pm: Meditative Eucharist; President & Preacher: Max Kramer


Monday 30/11/2015

9 pm: Student-led Taize service (contact Sophie


Friday 04/12/2015

10:30 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Alan Cole
1 pm: Meditation Group (contact Robin

Chapter reports

Chapter met on 18th of October.


The Christian Meditation group, which was in suspension, was discussed, and Chapter resolved to identify an approach to resuming this if practical. (please note that following further discussion we found people to run the meditation group and it is now meeting on Fridays at 1pm – CM 23/11/2015)


Christopher Martin provided a report on Gift Aid. Over the past months he has dealt with a hugely tedious and time-consuming task of managing all the paperwork for Gift Aid for the past four years. Chapter discussed how best to manage Gift Aid in the future. In particular, it was noted that Gift Aid envelopes are available on Sundays, and it might be that some are not aware of these. To enable the church to recoup tax on anything you put in the collection:

– take an envelope, and put the money in there instead of directly in the bag

– write your name and address on the envelope.

This does not commit you to anything. However, it does mean that the gift is worth about 25% more. Of course, you can only do this if you are a tax payer, and the tax you pay within the year exceeds the amount you give charitably.


We discussed the fact that we do not have any church bibles, and resolved to obtain a set.


In each Chapter meeting, we review the church services to attempt to ensure these are serving the needs of the congregation. The 5pm service now has a regular monthly pattern (evening prayer, Taize, evening prayer with no sermon and meditative Eucharist), having resumed following the summer. The 8am service continues to have a very small congregation, so we considered whether this service is still viable: it was felt that it is still useful to do so. We reviewed the 11am service in the light of the relatively small congregation, but it was generally felt that the approach that is being taken there (Contemplative Morning Prayer, Common Worship Communion, Embodied) is the right one.


As always, Chapter depends on feedback from congregants in order better to put together services and groups that meet their needs and enable them to grow spiritually. Please get in touch if there are aspects of services that you feel work, that we should have more of, or – equally – don’t work for you, or you feel to be unhelpful.


It is worth emphasising that feedback from the congregation on the activities of St Edward’s as it stands now is particularly important as we move towards the point of starting the process of actively looking for a new incumbent. If there are any things about which you feel strongly, or even opinions that you would like to air, there is no better time to do this than the present!


Feedback can be given to any member of Chapter, or either of the church-wardens.

Services for this Sunday 22/11/2015

8am: BCP Communion (Bro Malcolm)

11am: Contemplative Morning Prayer (Duncan Dormor)
“Pope Francis and Christ the King”

In this Contemplative Morning Prayer, Duncan will preach on Christ the King. He will, in particular, talk about his investigations into some of Pope Francis’ (controversial) writing on this subject.

5pm: Evening Prayer (Annabel Shelson-Thomas).

Star Men

This Friday at 18:30 the Arts Picturehouse will be showing the film ‘Star Men’, which includes two members of our congregation! The film will be followed by a panel discussion.


The film blurb says:

“Debut writer-director Alison E. Rose’s visually striking documentary charts the careers of leading astronomers Roger Griffin, Wal Sargent, Donald Lynden-Bell and Neville Woolf. They left Britain in the 1960s as young PhD students to pursue their passion for astronomy at the California Institute Of Technology.

As the four friends reunite for a road trip across America, they reminisce about their professional lives and reflect on the remarkable advances in technology that opened up whole new worlds thousands of light years beyond our planet. In particular they recount their experiences with immensely powerful instruments such as the 200-inch Hale Telescope.

They also discuss the discovery of quasars, pulsars and other hitherto unknown phenomena, and their candid, often humorous banter ensures the accessibility of their subject matter.”


More information can be found at the Piturehouse website:

Sunday 15th Nov: 11am Contemporary Morning Prayer with Prayers for the Persecuted Church

During the 11am service on Sunday we will spend time praying for the persecuted church throughout the world, joining in the Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Using material from Release and Open Doors, we will learn more about the persecution of Christians in a selection of countries, better to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ and, to some small degree, empathise with them. In addition we will reflect on the implications for our own faith in the relative comfort of the UK.

Nicholas will lead our reflections, and we will hear readings that help us focus on the challenges faced during times of persecution.

Services for the week beginning 15/11/2015

Following requests that the Meditation Group meet during daylight hours we will be trialing meeting at 1pm on Friday for the rest of the year. If you have any thoughts on this please let Robin know (


Sunday 15/11/15

8 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Br Malcolm SSF
11 am: Contemporary Morning Prayer; Officiant & Preacher: Nicholas Blyth
5 pm: Evening Prayer with Compline; Officiant & Preacher: Br Chris Martin SSF


Monday 16/11/2015

9 pm: Student-led Taize service (contact Sophie


Friday 20/11/2015

10:30 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Alan Cole
1 pm: Meditation Group (contact Robin

The Cambridge Churches Homelessness Project

The Cambridge Churches Homeless Project will run again this year.

The Project runs throughout the winter across seven churches, one for each night of the week, who take turns to provide a friendly welcome, hot supper, and safe space to sleep to guests referred to us by Jimmy’s and other organisations within the city. Volunteers from our churches act as hosts each night, and the scheme is joined up by a team of support workers who offer pastoral care and links to further help for those of our guests who need it.

Volunteers are needed to help out. For this season, people are needed to:

  • Cook supper for 20 people, once a fortnight or once a month;
  • Help with serving and clearing away;
  • Stay the night at church (in teams of 4) taking turns to sleep and keep watch;
  • Talk with our guests and enjoy their company – or even play cards or chess!


If you are interested, or would like to know more, you are warmly invited to join us for supper and a short talk on what volunteering involves on one of three evenings, all at 7:30 pm:

  • Tuesday 3rd November at Little St Mary’s, Trumpington St.
  • Thursday 5th November at St Giles, Castle Hill
  • Thursday 12th November at Great St Mary’s


or email for more information. You don’t need a career in social work, or even in hospitality, to be a huge help: all you need is a friendly interest, and a willingness to give and be blessed!

Services for the week beginning 08/11/15

Please note: The ’11am’ service on Sunday will begin 10 minutes early at 10:50am to include an act of remembrance at 11am.

The women’s group also meets this week and the meditation group begins again after a break on Friday.


Sunday 08/11/15

8 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Annabel Shelson-Thomas
10.50 am: Common Worship Communion; President & Preacher: Stephen Plant ‘One for All’
please note this service starts 10 minutes early to include an act of remembrance at 11am
3 pm: The Women’s Group looking at Spiritual Journeys
5 pm: Taize-style Evening Prayer


Monday 09/11/2015

9 pm: Student-led Taize service (contact Sophie


Friday 13/11/2015

10:30 am: BCP Holy Communion; President & Preacher: Alan Cole
5:30 pm: Meditation Group (contact Robin